Travel Bucket List

Since we've been road tripping across North America, we've been fortunate enough to cross things off our travel bucket list. This list seems to evolve and change with each new road trip we do. Follow along as we knock things off this travel bucket list.

Interact with us and submit a roadside attraction/town/hike/destination in North America you think is worth exploring! We'd love to check it out.

Our Travel Bucket List:

- Heli hike Mt Nimbus via Ferrata
- Road trip to Alaska
- See the Northern Lights
- Hike the West Coast Trail
- Hike Lake Havasu Falls.
- Swim in Canada's Dead Sea
- Explore Key West
- Visit every province/territory and state in North America (we're at 10 provinces and 48 states)
- Spend a day in Victoria, BC

Things We've Done:

- Road trip across Canada
- Make it to the top of Mt St Helens
- Visit Peggy's Cove, Halifax
- Zion National Park - Angels Landing
- Arches National Park day trip
- Spend a day in Disneyland
- Dip our feet in the Atlantic Ocean
- Road trip to Yellowstone National Park
- See the Grand Canyon
- Explore California and Arizona
- Road trip to Las Vegas
- See Niagara Falls
- Visit the Statue of Liberty
- Walk on a glacier
- Zipline
- Kayak in Deep Cove
- Spelunking/cave crawling
- Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada
- Bungee jumped in Whistler
- Toured Alcatraz
- Spray painting at the Cadillac Ranch
- Road tripped to White Castle
- Drove to Area 51
- Jet skied in Cabo San Lucas
- Saw the original London Bridge in Arizona.
- Visited Mt Rushmore
- Ate a pulled pork sandwich while in Memphis
- Snowshoed for the first time up Mt Seymour. 

What's on your Travel Bucket List?  Download our Travel Bucket List planner here.