About Me

Exploring North America by Car

I am a travel blogger with a huge passion for road tripping. I've spent the past 6 years road tripping around North America with several friends. My blog is a compilation of various road trips over the past few years, and help to provide the inside scoop of various attractions and travel destinations across North America.

I spend my days road tripping and blogging about hotels, hikes, food places, outdoor adventures, quirky establishments, and random roadside attractions. I also write travel reviews as paid enforcements for various companies in the travel industry, and work for several travel agencies as their blogger, and social media person.

Aside from living out my passion for travelling, I also own a marketing agency in Vancouver, BC where I work as a marketing consultant, social media marketer, and freelance writer/blogger.

About Road Trip Blogger

Road Trip Blogger is a collection on our travel experiences over the past few years. Our website also features travel tips, guest blog posts, suggested attractions to see, and hopefully inspires many others to hit the road trip!

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