Friday, January 22, 2016

Hiking Mt Solmar in Cabo San Lucas

Even in Mexico we go hiking!

We`ve just recently come back from a beautiful week long vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This seems to be our favourite spot to vacation during the winter months. I guess you could say we`re mini snowbirds in training.

We`ve been to Cabo several times now, and as much as we were excited to head back to our favourite vacation spot, this time around we were looking for something different to do while in Cabo. We`ve done a lot of the tourist stuff before, like the boat ride to the arch, snorkeling, jet skiing, the markets and the booze cruise. This time around, we were looking for something new, something different.

We spent a bit of time on Trip Advisor before we left for vacation, looking for suggestions on different things to check out in Cabo.

I was thrilled to learn of a hike right in the Cabo marina area!

My husband and I are really big into hiking, but the idea of hiking in Mexico was a little scary for me.

If you’ve been to Cabo before, and you’re been to the marina area, it’s the tallest mountain peak in the marina area.

Hiking Mt Solmar

The hiking trail for Mt Solmar is located on private property, so you do need permission to access the trail, as the trailhead is blocked by a gate that leads to someone’s home.

The first day we attempted our hike, we left our hotel room at 5 am hoping to do a sunrise hike before it got too hot out. We found the trailhead across the street from the Navy Base in the marina, but the gate was closed. We couldn’t find another way in, so we headed back to our hotel room.

I read up on this hike a bit more, and it said if the owners are home, they’re more than happy to let you onto their property to do the hike. I guess we were there too early.

I also read online that if you walk past the house where the trailhead is, and follow the roadway to the beach, you should be able to scramble up the mountain side through a hole in the fence. But the info online warns to watch out for cactuses, and that you are technically trespassing by entering the trail this way.

This hike was something we really wanted to do, so we woke up early the following morning and proceeded to make our way to the beach area. Our plan was to hopefully find the hole in the fence and make our way up the mountain.

Luck for us, as we were passing the house where the trailhead was, there happened to be someone outside. We flagged them down and asked if we could go up the trail. The guy was very nice, said yes, and opened the gate for us. It turns out this place is a dog training kennel and the gate is there to keep the dogs in. The people were very nice, and apparently they always let people up the trail.

WARNING - watch out for dog poop. 

We finally made it to the trailhead and proceeded with our hike. There was dog poop all over the trail for the first 10 minutes of our hike. Not something I’d want to be smelling during the summer heat, so thankfully it was still early and quite chilly out.

After the first few minutes, the trail flattens out to a clearing, allowing for a small glimpse into the marina below. For here it’s all up hill.

It took us about 45 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. There wasn’t really a clearly marked trail, just several mini trails, all leading in different directions. We opted to follow several of the mini trails that seemed to have the most direct route up, and eventually found our way to the top.

The views from the top were incredible. You get a full 360 degree view of Cabo and the marina below. From the top, you’re also able to look down on the backside of Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach.

We sat up top for a good half hour, taking in the view around us, before making our decent down the mountain. The way down was actually quite slippery. There’s a lot of loose sand and rocks on the trail, making it a bit challenging going down the mountain.

I also read online that you can follow the trail over the other side of the mountain and hike down towards Lovers Beach, then water taxi it back to shore. Since we started our hike quite early in the morning, we weren’t sure if there would be any boats over at Lover’s Beach yet, so we opted to go back the way we came.

In totally the hike took us 2 hours, with an amazing rest at the top of the mountains.

The interesting thing about this hike is, the locals don`t seem to know about it. Since we`ve been to Cabo a few times now, we seem to run into the same people at a few of the local pubs we visit. When we mentioned we were going to hike Mt Solmar, we were surprised by the locals reactions; “Where’s that,” “you can hike that?” I guess if it’s not a boat cruise, time share presentation, or jet ski rental, they don’t know about it.

I would highly recommend doing this hike the next time you’re in Cabo. It’s a short hike to the top, with beautiful views of Cabo and the marina below.

Have you hiked Mt Solmar before? Leave a comment below and share your hiking experience with us.

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  1. Do you know the name of the dog kennel? I'm so hoping to do this hike next month! Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry I do not know the name. It's right across the street from the Navy base, huge fence, it it's at the base of the mountain. If you arrive around 8am, that's when the workers seem to be showing up, and someone should be outside.

      Make sure to do the hike, awesome experience. Watch out for dog poop on the trail. It's everywhere.