Friday, August 21, 2015

Why September Is The Best Month For A Road Trip

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not just for parents, but also for road trippers.

Why you might ask. Well, while parents are rejoicing that their children are returning back to school, us road trippers are even more excited to hit the open road and explore popular tourist attractions with less traffic and less lineups.

You see, September is the perfect time for a road trip. Popular tourist destinations like Yellowstone National Park, Disneyland, and even New York City are less crowded this time of year. We get the best of both worlds; a smaller amount of traffic on the roads, and we still get to enjoy the beautiful summer weather as the cold/rainy fall season hasn`t set in yet. (Although, let`s face it, New York City traffic is terrible anytime of the year). This is also a great time of year as we don’t have to worry about spring/fall road closures for winter road conditions. To give you an example, the going-to-the-sun road in Glacier National Park is only open from July-Mid September because of winter conditions the rest of the months. Also parts of Yellowstone National Park, and even the Grand Canyon close some of their roads for early winter conditions. September is a great time to hit up these popular destinations while avoiding road closures.

Obviously popular destinations like New York City and the Grand Canyon attract tourists from around the world, so it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is for some destinations, lineups will happen, but there’s usually a noticeable difference in the amount of people at these popular destinations. With that being said, September is still a popular time of year for some parents to take their children on mini vacations to such places like Disneyland, to help skip the lineup while enjoying the sunshine.

I personally think taking your children on a road trip is the most wonderful thing for a family to do together … even if the kids fight the whole time. Exploring various destinations as a family will really create lasting memories for your children, and I plan to do the same one day when I have kids of my own. In the meantime, I enjoy hitting the open road during the month of September, and sailing along popular road trip routes with less traffic.

Road trip tips for skipping traffic and crowds:
  • Road trip long hauls during the nighttime. (this also helps save time while traveling through construction areas)
  • Avoid rush hour. No one likes sitting in traffic, and if you can avoid big cities during rush hour, it will save you a ton of time.
  • Visit popular attractions on week days
  • We like to start our adventures first thing in the morning before big crowds start to form. 
  • Loosely plan your adventures ahead of time, this way you have a plan of attack, can visit everything you want to see, and don`t waste valuable exploring time reading maps or trying to figure out where you want to go. We learned this first hand while in Disneyland.
Not all road trippers have the freedom to just hit the open road with no road trip end date. Time is usually of the essence for many of us road trippers, this means exploring as much as you can within your road trip time frame. I hope that these road trip tips will help you with your future road trip plans, and if you have any great tips to add to this list, leave a comment below and share your ideas with us.

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  1. Love Fall is so much easier in every way..the weather is mostly perfect..One travel trip..I like to hit the road early and cover some good distance..and avoid entering cities during rush hours