Monday, July 27, 2015

Discovering a 1,700 LB Chocolate Roadside Attraction

Roadside attractions are a lot of fun. They’re a great way to breakup long road trip hauls, and they add a little fun and adventure between attractions. Not only do I love discovering different roadside attractions, but I appreciate them even more when we just stumble across them.

I’ve been on a hunt to spot a moose while road tripping for the past 5 years and have yet to find one. Go figure the first moose I ever see up close is a 1,700 lb chocolate moose named Lenny.

While road tripping through Maine, we happened to stop at a visitor center to use their free wifi to look up some road trip information. One of the ladies from the visitor center suggested a few attractions for us to see while in Maine, one being the chocolate moose. This seems to be one of their top attractions in Maine, and being a chocolate lover, we couldn’t pass up this roadside attraction.

The chocolate moose wasn’t too far off our road trip course, so we made a special detour for a visit. 

About Lenny:- The world’s only life-size chocolate moose
- Made of milk chocolate and wire
- Weighs 1,700 lbs
- Was built in 1997
- Stands 8 feet tall
- The area around Lenny is temperature controlled so the moose doesn’t melt. Lenny is kept at a cool 60 degrees
- Lenny has 3 chocolate bear cub friends

Where to find Lenny:
Len Libby Candies
419 US Highway 1, Scarborough, Maine

This 1,700 lb chocolate moose is displayed behind a wooden fence in the ice cream parlor to keep people from touching or destroying the moose. In just under 2 years, this delicious attraction well celebrate its 20th birthday. An impressive accomplishment for something so delicious looking.

While in the area, we also made a stop at Cape Elizabeth, Maine’s oldest lighthouse, for an afternoon of exploring. Cape Elizabeth is a beautiful little town, and the grounds around the lighthouse are well kept. A great place for an afternoon picnic.

Cape Elizabeth is also known for the historic 1886 Christmas Eve shipwreck along the coastal waters. If you’re road tripping through Maine this summer, Cape Elizabeth is a great place to get out, stretch your legs and enjoy some outdoor time before getting back in the car and carrying on with your road trip.

Have you seen Lenny the chocolate moose in person before? Leave your comment below and share your travel story with us.  


  1. Actually, I lived less than a mile from Lenny for 4 years! I'm not sure that I would list him near the top of the key attractions in Maine - the state has so much to offer - but he is a fun novelty if you happen to be cruising down Route 1 through Scarborough between Saco and South Portland.

    1. Hi David, thanks for the comment. What are some of your favourite attractions in Maine. The lady we were talking with also mentioned Maine being one of the top potato producing places. A funny fact.

    2. Yes, lots of potatoes up north. Portland Headlight is the most photographed lighthouse in the US (I will be finishing - hopefully - a 10K run there on Saturday morning - the Beach to Beacon which is now world famous), the towns between Portland and Portsmouth like York, Ogunquit, Old Orchard and Kennebunk Port are all beautiful. There are thousands of lakes throughout the state, Sebago being one of the largest about 40 minutes west of Portland, great golf courses in the summer, winter sports in the winter obviously, Camden, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park where you can be the first in the US to see the sun rise from atop Cadillac mountain.

  2. Really great post! And I love your blog:)