Monday, April 6, 2015

Be A Tourist In Your Own State This Summer

I was recently on a flight down to Florida, and overheard two ladies talking about how us “young kids” fly over to Europe to go sightseeing and explore. These ladies couldn’t figure out why we fly so far out of our own country to explore when we have such beautiful scenery right here in North America. I couldn’t agree more with their comment. We have some amazing canyons, iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, famous cities and beautiful mountains well worth exploring.

This summer, I challenge the inner-road tripper in you to explore your own city, state or even province this summer.

While on a road trip through Nebraska last summer, I was talking with a friend-of-a-friend about Sioux Falls, and how it’s a beautiful city. The common comment I get from many people is; “wow you’ve seen more of my home state than I have.”

In all fairness, I’m totally in the same boat. I’ve logged well over 40,000 kms driving across North America exploring, but there`s some beautiful scenery right here in BC that I’ve yet to explore. I’ve never been to Kelowna, Osoyoos, Yoho National Park, the Kootney’s or even our provincial capital – Victoria, BC.

So this summer, join me in my road trip challenge “be a tourist in your own state/province this summer.”

This should be an easy challenge for many to join in on. Weekend road trips are a great way to knock off many of your bucket list items that are closer to home. Need a little inspiration to help plan a crazy weekend road trip? We once went on a 26 hour road trip to trek on a glacier in Alberta, we arrived back home Sunday afternoon … just in time for my friend to make it to work Monday morning. That was a crazy trip, but we did it, and had an amazing journey that weekend.

What’s the one place you hope to visit in your own state/province this summer? Leave a comment below.


You can find our full Road Trip Planner here. 

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  1. I've taken a road trip across America 3 times and I always tell myself the same thing after: "Next time I'll go slower." There's never enough time to see as much as I'd like.

    P.S. Sioux Falls was a surprisingly cool town, but I would even go back for the pancakes at Phillips Avenue Diner.

    1. Thanks for your comment Maya. I always tell myself the same thing "next time I'll go slower," but our road trips seem to just get more compact each time we hit the road. So much to see and explore.