Monday, March 30, 2015

Seattle’s Gum Wall

In the heart of Pike Place Market lies one of the most disgustingly awesome attractions I’ve come across, the Seattle Gum wall.

We were recently down in Seattle for my annual birthday weekend road trip, and of course couldn’t miss visiting the iconic gum wall. With an entire pack of hubba bubba gum in hand, we headed for the iconic gum wall to spit our own wad of gum on the wall, and leave our mark.

One of the most fascinating things about the gum wall, besides watching how popular this attraction is, and how many people accidently touch old gum while trying to place their own gum on the wall .. is the fact that people spend time making their gum into art. There were many parts of the gum wall with writing on them. People actually spent time writing their names on the wall with different coloured pieces of gum. I wasn’t creative enough to think of something like that, and personally didn’t want to handle that many pieces of sticky gum. I merely just chewed the entire pack of hubba bubba, and spat the wad on the wall.

Here’s my work of art.

Have you visited the gum wall before? What did you leave behind? Share your comment below.

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