Tuesday, March 17, 2015

6 Ways To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Next Road Trip


Pinterest is a great source to help plan road trips. I often discover new destinations and attractions while on Pinterest.

Here are 6 great ways to help plan your next road trip using Pinterest:

1. Decide where you want to go, and then start a pinboard.

When planning our cross-country road trip, I started by creating a pinboard for each state and province that we were planning on road tripping through.

2. Plan which cities you’ll be travelling through

Once you know where you’ll be road tripping to, you can narrow down which cities you’ll be passing by. This will help you pin different attractions in the cities that you’ll be visiting. This will also help you narrow down attractions out of your way, these you can add to a bucket list pinboard, or make a plan to deviate off course for a bit to visit various attractions.

When planning our cross-country road trip, we planned on following Highway 1, except through Alberta where we chose to travel through Edmonton so we could hit up the West Edmonton Mall. This took us a  bit off course, but gave us some freedom to add different attractions to our road trip list.

3. Use hashtags to search for destinations/attractions

Once you know the route that you’ll be taking, and the cities you`ll be passing through, now is the time to start searching for different attractions you want to see while in the different towns. This is where hashtags come in handy. Use hashtags to search for destinations or attractions that you can add to your road trip pinboards.

4. Search for other road trippers

People connect with like-minded people. Searching out other road trippers is a great way to build up your travel community, but also search through their pinboards to see what they have pinned. This might be a great opportunity to discover various attractions you might not have found elsewhere.

5. Interact with people on Pinterest

One of the key features of any social media platform is interaction. Pinterest is a great place to interact with other traveller accounts for road trip information – ask questions, but it`s also a great branding tool for those looking to build their brand online.

6. Create a bucket list

For those really awesome destinations that you find in your planning process, but are unable to add them to your road trip plans, pin them into a bucket list for future road trip plans.

One of the best attractions that I discovered on Pinterest while planning a road trip is Antelope Canyon is Page, Arizona. This place is absolutely beautiful, and we were thrilled to have discovered it.

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