Friday, January 23, 2015

A Wedding in Las Vegas

Did you hear the news? We've just got married!


Why we chose to get married in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas wasn`t my first choice, this was something my husband suggested, but after thinking about it, Las Vegas was a great choice. We got married in December, and well let`s face it, it`s not that warm in Canada during the month of December.

One of the best things about having a wedding in Las Vegas, vs getting married at home, you get 4 days of wedding party fun, and get to enjoy great weather. If we were to get married back home, it would have been 1 evening of fun/dancing/drinking with friends and family ... then it would be over. With being in Las Vegas, we had 4 days to spend together.

Here`s how our wedding played out:

Thursday: we flew into Las Vegas around lunch time. This gave us time to check into our hotel, some free time for our guests to explore. We chose to have our bachelor/bachelorette parties this night as we didn`t want to be mega hung over the day of our wedding.

Friday: after enjoying our bachelor/bachelorette parties the night before, we spend the morning recovering from our hangover. Then we chose to have a formal dinner with everyone the night before our wedding. This was a great opportunity for a no-stress dinner with everyone before the wedding. We were able to move around the party and spend some time with our guests. Generally with weddings, you get so busy and so wrapped up in wedding stuff that you hardly get to spend time with your guests.  This was also a great time for our guests to have a free night, so they`d be able to go out and enjoy the Las Vegas strip.

Saturday: Wedding day. We pretty much spend the entire day prepping for the wedding, but we also chose to take pictures before the wedding. We spend a few hours before the wedding walking the strip in my dress so we could take pictures in various hotels before the wedding. This was a huge selling feature for us to get married in Las Vegas. We didn`t have the budget to get married in a hotel like the Bellagio, but we were able to walk around in my wedding dress and take pictures of us in them. 

Sunday: morning brunch with our family and friends before we checked out of our hotel. We had a few hours to kill before our flight, so we spend the day exploring various hotels and casinos on the strip.

Most of our wedding party has been to Las Vegas before, so there really wasn`t a huge pull to try and make it to every casino before they left.

Looking back on our wedding plans, I`m happy we chose to get married in Las Vegas. So many amazing places to take pictures of the wedding party.

Have you attended a wedding in Las Vegas before? Leave your comment below.

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