Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Road Trip Blogger goes to Las Vegas to get married!

We leave in just over a week for Las Vegas and we’re so excited! Sometimes the buildup of excitement before a trip is unbearable. How do you contain your excitement?

This will mark my 7th time in Las Vegas. I’ve road tripped to Las Vegas several times, flown down for vacation and even went for a conference once. This time we’re getting hitched!

Destination weddings can be a challenge at times. It’s expensive to get people to fly down to your destination wedding, and most resorts/hotels charge an enormous amount for the wedding and reception. The beauty of Las Vegas is it’s a relatively cheap destination to fly to from the west coast, and there are so many wedding chapel options to choose from.

Here are some Las Vegas wedding tips that we’ve learned while planning our wedding:

It’s not all about Elvis

The big joke when we chose to get married in Las Vegas was that we had to get Elvis to marry us … just because. Once we started planning our wedding, it evolved into more of a formal wedding, and since we’re not big fans of Elvis, he would seem a bit out of place at our wedding.

Know your party size and budget before shopping around

I found a lot of places either accommodated less than 10 guests, or parties of 50+. We have about 25 guests coming, and found it a bit of a challenge to find a place that would accommodate our guests without being a large half empty hall.

If you’re a bit of a clueless bride like myself, sometimes it’s good to shop around to get a general idea of costs as to help set your budget. This gives you something to at least work with.

Know the season/weather before booking.

We’ve been to Las Vegas enough times to know what the weather is like in December. It’s sunny most of the year, and usually around 20°C (68°F) during the day. December is a great time to go to Las Vegas. It’s not overly hot, and it’s usually snowing back home. A great excuse to enjoy some warm sunshine.

Book a trip to Las Vegas to plan your wedding

We flew down to Las Vegas in the spring to view some of the wedding chapels and reception halls, and we’re so glad we did. Our original plan was to get married in the Paris then have a reception in a media suite in Mandalay Bay. Once we got to Las Vegas, we went for a viewing of the Paris wedding chapel. It was nothing like we expected. The décor was very dark blue and gold, and looked dated. We were quite surprised as the Paris is a nice hotel.

We moved on to a few other wedding chapels, and found a wedding chapel within our budget.

Shop around with an open mind

My fiancé suggested viewing a few wedding chapels, but I didn`t want to. We viewed a few wedding chapels not expecting much, and were pleasantly blown away. When shopping for wedding chapels, go in with an open mind.

Do you know someone that got married in Las Vegas? What hotel?

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  1. Congratulations! Don't know anyone who got married in LV. I'm sure I would've done that too if I was doing our own wedding:)