Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Road Trip: 5 Secrets to Beating the Thanksgiving Traffic

It's no secret that Thanksgiving weekend is a busy one for travel, as many families rush to get to grandma's house in time for turkey dinner. As many road trippers will know, things happen while on the road, and travelling for a family holiday is no different.

Here are some tips to help you beat the Thanksgiving traffic:

Leave at an unusual time
Our Thanksgiving road trip will only take us 2 hours, but we plan to leave in the late morning on Thanksgiving day so we arrive at our destination before others even leave for their dinners. Although this gets us to our destination earlier than usual, we avoid a ton of Thanksgiving traffic.

If you’re travelling longer hours for Thanksgiving, we recommend driving at night, or very early in the morning. This is a personal preference for me, I prefer to drive at night as there’s hardly every any traffic. Unusual times of the day help cut down on long road trip wait times.

Spend the night
If we don’t leave late after dinner, we generally like to spend the night and get an early start the following morning. If you have to work the next morning, just make sure to leave enough time to get you back to your home town in time for work.

Stay late and help clean up
If you’re nice enough to stick around after dinner and help clean up, this gives other travellers an opportunity to sit in traffic during the post-dinner rush hour. By the time you’re done and out the door, traffic should have calmed down a little.

Plan a backup route
Unfortunately accidents happen. It’s always a good idea to have a backup route planned out in case of an accident. This is also a great tip if you’re travelling somewhere new for Thanksgiving and don’t really know the area. Highway 1 in Canada is always clogged with regular traffic and accidents during long weekends, and we try to avoid it as much as possible, or have a backup route planned to get around the traffic.

Thanksgiving lunch
If traffic is a big issue in your town, or route home, plan for a late lunch or early Thanksgiving dinner. This way, you’re family has time to spend together, and saves you time waiting in traffic to get home.


Host Thanksgiving dinner
Although this creates lots of work for you, you don’t have to travel anywhere for Thanksgiving. Host it in the comfort of your own home, and just think, you’re only a few steps away from your sweatpants and bedroom.

Travel safe this Thanksgiving!

You can find our full Road Trip Planner here.

You can also find our Thanksgiving Planner Kit here.

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