Thursday, October 9, 2014

Join Our Road Trip Chat on Twitter

As an avid road tripper, I have lots to say when it comes to road trip tips, things to see, how to plan your trip, who to go with and where to travel. I could talk for days about this, but this coming Wednesday I want to hear from you!

I’m co-hosting the #WTChat about road tripping with @TravelinPrayer

Topic: #RoadTrip
Date: October 15, 2014
Time: 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST – 60 minutes

Share your best answers to our #roadtrip chat questions, and enjoy a few laughs with other road trippers. Here is an overview of the questions we’ll be asking:

Q1: Where do you consider the ultimate #bucketlist destination/route for a roadtrip?

Q2: Choosing your crew, or co-pilot, is critical to a memorable roadtrip. If you could roadtrip with ANYONE (dead/alive, family/famous), who would it be & why?

Q3: Ok, back to reality. Who is your ACTUAL co-pilot for your roadtrip travel? Do you prefer driving or hanging in the passenger seat?

Q4: Name 3 essentials when taking an epic roadtrip (camera already accounted for!).

PhotoShare! Share a memorable moment from a past roadtrip.

Q5: You've lost something, broke something, need something. What has been your best MacGyver moment on the road?

Q6: Do you have a unique ritual/tradition the day/night before or after a roadtrip?

Bonus Q: What is your favorite snack whilst driving?

Q6: How strict is your roadtrip itinerary? Do you prefer getting lost or planning every stop?

Q7: What's coming through your speakers while on the road? Any specific or fav roadtrip songs?

Q8: What is your worst experience getting lost or detoured on a roadtrip? Which is the hardest city you've tried (failed) to navigate correctly?

Q9: Give us a roadtrip suggestion near your current city or hometown. What sites/stops should we definitely not miss?

Bonus Q: Retweet your favorite answer from today's chat & spread the love! Then, get ready for next week to talk about "Travel Pains & Pleasures."

Looking forward to having you join our #WTChat on Twitter next week!

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