Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Latest Road Trip Adventure

Summer wouldn't be complete without an epic cross country road trip! Once again, we've rounded up the road trip crew and hit the road trip.

Here's a rundown from our latest road trip adventure:

We left Vancouver after work, and spent the night driving to Glacier National Park, Montana. We chose to include Glacier National Park in our latest road trip as it appeared on the "must see before they disappear" list. Once we arrived, we spent the day exploring the local trails around Grinnell Lake and Lake McDonald.

We were about a week too early for this portion of our road trip, as the Going-To-The-Sun road for Glacier National Park wasn't open yet.

We carried on with our road trip journey, and found ourselves in downtown Chicago.

After spending the day exploring Chicago, off we went to the Canadian border to continue with our road trip.

We spent the morning at Niagara Falls before moving north to meet with some family. Our road trip then took us up through Ottawa.

After exploring downtown Ottawa, we carried on to Montreal to spend some time with more family. We ate the most amazing poutine in downtown Montreal, then went for an evening bike ride around town. Riding bixies around old town Montreal was a great way to explore the city, while covering a good amount of ground in a short period of time.

 After leaving Montreal we drove to PEI, and spent a few days exploring Charlottetown and other attractions in PEI. We paid $3 to dress up as Anne of Green Gables for a good laugh.

We then carried on with our journey to a new province we've never explored before, Newfoundland! We flew from the Halifax airport, and chose to rent a car while on the island. Surprisingly, it's very hard to rent a car in Newfoundland on short notice during the summer time. So at last resort, we rented a U-Haul pickup truck to road trip the island in.

Off we went in our U-Haul pickup truck to explore the island. We spent a bit of time in St John's before heading north in search of icebergs and whales. Our journey led us up to Bonavista, where you're most likely to spot icebergs floating down the ocean. 

We then made our way back to the St John's area to explore Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America, and closest point to the UK.

After an epic 48 hour road trip on the island, we flew back to Halifax to carry on with our road trip journey. We made a quick stop at the Hopewell Rocks for an afternoon adventure before hitting the American border to drive down the east coast.

Vermont was one of the only states I had left to explore, so we chose to do a factory tour of Ben and Jerry's. We spent the morning learning of their history and eating large tubs of ice cream. After a morning filled with ice cream, we moved on through Boston, then down to New York City. 

After New York City, we were running behind on time and had to spend the midnight hours exploring Washington, DC. I quite enjoyed our random late night adventure around Washington, we even sat outside the White House making pb&j sandwiches.

Running short on time, we carried on our journey towards New Orleans. We spend the day in the French Market, and exploring the local streets around town. While in New Orleans, we made sure to do a little foodie tour, moving from restaurant to restaurant enjoying various appies. I had the most amazing allegator nuggets in one of the local pubs.

Sadly, we didn't have enough time to see one of the allegator feeding shows, so we had to carry on with our road trip up to Colorado. The original plan was to hike Devil's Causeway near Denver, but with too much rain, we chose to explore the Great Sand Dunes before heading home. 

Our trip home consisted of driving home via Salt Lake City. These seems to be the most direct route for us, and we've driving through town on our last 4 road trips. Because of that, we chose to just drive through town without stopping.

Well that ends our road trip adventure. We drove around 20,000 kms in just under 3 weeks. We travelled through 5 provinces and 33 states.

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