Thursday, June 5, 2014

Road Trip: How Far Can We Travel in 12 Days?

What if I told you we are leaving next week on a 5 province and 34 state road trip! Excited for us? What if I told you we only had 12 days for this trip?

Yes, we’ve heard it all before, “You’re nuts!” “Why.” Simply put, because we can/why not!

I’m a freelance writer with all the time in the world to go travelling, but certain members of my road trip crew are not. Since most people only get 2 weeks a year for vacation, we like to make those 2 weeks count and cram as much as possible into our road trips as we can.

Now our road trips are no walk in the part. There are no leisurely sleepovers in fancy hotels with amazing rest days and trips to the spa. We road trip! This essentially means we spend our days exploring and nights driving to further destinations. We shave our legs in rest stop bathrooms, change in the car while travelling and heat up our premade spaghetti in gas station microwaves. Why you ask, because we get to see more of North America this way.

Here is an overview of our upcoming trip:

Our best memories come from exploring North America by car!

Do you know of any random roadside attractions, must see destinations/restaurants/tourist attractions you would recommend we see during our trip. Submit your suggestion to us. We’d love to check it out if we can!

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