Friday, April 11, 2014

Hobo Joe: A Roadside Attraction Worth Seeing

Roadside attractions are a popular thing in the road trip community. We often scour the web looking for cool and unusual roadside attractions for our upcoming road trips. A few years back, we stumbled across the Hobo Joe statue in Buckeye, Arizona and added it to our road trip list.

While in Arizona in 2010, we spent a bit of time driving around Buckeye looking for Hobo Joe, and had no luck finding him.

Flash forward to 2013 and we`re back in Arizona. It`s now become our mission to find Hobo Joe, as we`ve now seem many other road trippers online talking about this statue. We finally used Google Maps to pinpoint his exact location, and with much delight, we finally found him!

The story behind Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe is a 27 foot tall fiberglass statue of an urbane hobo down on his luck. In 1967 there were several statues made, and they were said to be sitting outside of each Hobo Joe restaurant. The restaurants soon closed down, but the statue in Buckeye remains. The land is now the Buckeye Meats Co. and the Hobo Joe statue proudly stands and the end of the driveway.

Buckeye Meats Co.
1045 E. Monroe Ave, Buckeye, AZ
We had no issues pulling over on the side of the road and running onto company property for a few pictures with Hobo Joe.

Have you been to the Hobo Joe statue before? Leave your comment below and share your story with us.

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