Friday, May 9, 2014

You Know You`re A Road Tripper When ...

While out with a group of friends this past weekend, I happened to mention wanting to go explore Glacier National Park in Montana. When asked how far it was from Vancouver, I responded "only 10 hours." That's actually not bad of a distance for a road trip, but my friends were unimpressed. I quickly learned that anything over an hour was out of the question for many of my friends, and I was told how crazy we were for even thinking of being in a car that long.

When I think of road tripping, I think "how far can I get, and how much can I see in 1 day while on the road." To me, a 10 hour road trip can easily be done on a weekend. Leave Friday after work, alternate driving/napping with a friend, and arrive at your destination (a little tired) Saturday morning. Spend the day exploring, and head home.

Granted, we don't travel with kids and are often strapped for time. So when road tripping to places closer to home, we generally like to "make it happen." In an ideal world, I'd quit my full time job and have a bottomless bank account that would allow me and a group of friends to travel extensive periods of time without a care in the world. In reality, most of us only get a few weeks’ vacation a year, and to road trip as often as we do, we sometime just make things happen in a shorter amount of time.

So here is our list, you know you’re a road tripper when:
  1. A 20 hour round trip drive is an acceptable weekend road trip.
  2. You become a pro at sleeping in the car.
  3. You cheer loudly when you see an out of state/province licence plate because you know their on an epic adventure as well.
  4. You put 15,000 kms on your car in less than a week.
  5. You can go several days without showering … because you’re in the middle of nowhere.
  6. You brush your teeth on the side of the road with a bottle of water.
  7. Going across country in 3 days is an awesome challenge!
  8. You get excited when you come across a new province or state sign, and just have to get a picture with it.
  9. You have no shame shaving your legs in the bathroom sink of a rest stop so you can wear shorts that day.
  10. Your car smalls like a locker room by the end of your trip, and you’re only gone a few days.
  11. You find yourself getting a full night’s sleep while sitting up in a car.
  12. You spend more money in gas during a weekend road trip then you do all year driving to work.
  13. Your road trip plans include stops at the Cock Rock in Arizona and finding the Hobo Joe statue. 
  14. After driving 16 hours straight, you won’t let a little rain stop you from exploring … even if it’s a small flash flood.
  15. You find driving long distances and listening to loud music therapeutic.
If you’re a road tripper, share your best “you know you’re a road tripper when …” with us. Leave your comment below.

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