Monday, March 17, 2014

Beer, Hiking and Tacos: Our Road Trip to Portland

This was an exciting weekend for us as we celebrated a fellow road trippers 30th birthday in Portland, and it was St Patrick’s day!

We started off our road trip adventures at the Columbia River Gorge. Geared up and ready for a breathtaking 2 hour hike, we stopped over at Multnomah Falls for a loop hike. Sadly, we learned that a fallen rock had broken off a portion of the Multnomah Falls bridge, leaving the bridge closed and us unable to complete the loop hike. We spent the afternoon exploring the different falls accessible from the road way, with a small hike up the to the Multnomah Falls bridge.

While exploring, we stumbled across the Oneonta Gorge. How exciting! This is an amazing hike we’re looking forward to doing this summer!

After exploring the Columbia River Gorge area and falls, we were left quite hungry and used to map out a Mexican food restaurant. We drove down to Vancouver, Washington for Don Taco. Amazing food! After lunch, we headed back to our hotel in Oswago Lake for an afternoon nap. Later that evening we ventured down to Kells Irish Pub in downtown Portland for a St Patrick’s day celebration. Surprisingly, we were disappointed in the lack of St Patrick’s day festivities in the pub. The pub itself was promoting St Patrick’s day events all weekend long, but no one in the pub was dressed in green, drinking green beer or rocking any St Patrick’s day attire.

The following morning we nursed our St Patrick’s day hangover, then off we went to spent the day exploring downtown Portland. We stood in a 30 minute lineup outside Voodoo Doughnuts, excited to try their delicious donuts and experience their unique donut culture. We were quite surprised to see such a long lineup outside, but due to their unique nature; this isn’t unusual for this little donut shop. We tried their fruitloops donut, voodoo donut, lemon donut, apple fritter donut, and maple bacon donut. Needless to say, we felt terrible after eating so many donuts … but they were so good we couldn’t help ourselves.

After a few days, we sadly had to make our way home. We decided to drive home up the Oregon coast, beautiful views along the way. Just outside Astoria, we stopped to explore a 1906 shipwreck from Peter Iredale.

Have you spent some time on Portland or explored Peter Iredale’s 1906 shipwreck? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Leave your comment below and share your travel story with us.

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