Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Fun: Snowshoeing up Mt Seymour


What’s a road tripper to do in the off seasons when local mountains are closed for hiking, and roads are unsafe for travelling due to snow?

This past weekend the road trip crew headed up Mt Seymour for our first ever snowshoeing experience. Snowshoeing seems to be taking off as a popular winter sport around Vancouver the past few years, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

With local mountains closed for hiking, snowshoeing is a great way to get in our weekend hikes, but in a winter wonderland setting.

Where to go snowshoeing:

There are several local mountains around Vancouver to choose from for snowshoeing. Some offer free trails (for those who own their own gear), where others offer guided or non-guided trails.

We chose to snowshoe up Mt Seymour after reading online that they were rated the "#1 snowshoe resort in North America by Snowshoe Magazine." There are several trails to choose from up Mt Seymour, all interconnecting with each other. We chose to trek around Goldie Lake and Flower Lake. This was a good 2 hour trek on relatively easy trails. We stopped a few times to attempt to make snowmen, snow angels and enjoy the scenery of the snowy lakes.

Cost: we paid $27 + tax for the trail pass and snowshoe rentals. 

Have you been snowshoeing on one of the local mountains? Leave your comment below and let us know which mountain you preferred.

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