Friday, December 20, 2013

Swimming with Crocodiles in Costa Rica

While on a recent vacation in Costa Rica, we chose to do the crocodile boat tour. This tour came highly recommended in one of the Lonely Planet tour books for Costa Rica.

So why am I sharing one of my most disgusting travel moments with you?

It's really quite a funny story! Previous to leaving for our boat tour, I learned the river that the crocs live in is septic/brackish water. I didn't think much of this, and off we went on our tour. Not even 5 minutes in, I was covered in this dirty septic/brackish poo water :(

The reason why we booked the boat tour to begin with was because of the marketing material that showed a Tico hand feeding chicken to a crocodile.

Within the first 5 minutes of our boat tour, we spotted our first crocodile, and off our guide went from the boat with 2 pieces of chicken. He lured the crocodile out of the water, and onto dry land where he was standing ... with a piece of chicken in his hand. Our guide got the crocodile up off his two front legs to eat the chicken ... at this point I figured it would be a perfect idea to run near the middle of the boat for better pictures (being that we were the only ones on a 40 seater boat).

Once the crocodile was finished eating his chicken, he proceeded to turn around and head for the water. At that moment, he was unable to fully turn around ... and slammed into the side of the boat. I nearly went overboard, but instead was splashed with this dirty river water while the crocodile thrashed his tail trying to get free. I was the only one on the boat that got slashed with the water, and I was covered!

10 years Luis and Franklin have been doing this boat tour for, and never have they seen this happen. I guess I can chock this up to one of those once in a lifetime events. We eventually had to drive up stream to a fresh water source to wash off all the dirty water. So here I stand, not far from the river where crocodiles live, in the fresh water stream taking a small bird bath. What an experience! Aside from the minor dirty shower, the boat tour was really cool.

Tarcoles (where the boat tour takes place) over looks Carara National Park, so we also got to see a beautiful view of the park from the boat.

Have you travelled to Costa Rica before? Leave your comment below and let us know where you stayed, and what the highlight of your trip was!

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