Friday, December 13, 2013

Greeting Earthlings - A Road Trip to Area 51

Although Area 51 is known as a testing facility for US aircraft's and weapons, it has long been speculated to be the central hub for all things UFO and alien related. Intense security around all entrance points to the base have long perks the interest of many conspiracy theorists, and have left many curious as to what really happens in Area 51. The base itself has never been officially declared as a secret, but anything pertaining to the internal operations of the base are considered top secret.

While on our way home from a recent road trip to Arizona, we spent the night in Las Vegas. The following morning we chose to make the 2.5 hour trek west to Highway 375, better known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, for a fun picture with the highway sign before heading north home. We brought several rolls of tinfoil with us and some fun props and an afternoon of entertainment while in the desert. We even made a little alien dude out of tinfoil and attached him to the highway sign for others to enjoy.

The highway sign was very easy to find, and was located right at the start of highway 375. We wrapped ourselves in tinfoil for some fun pictures, met some random people, and even came across a lady from our home town, on a similar road trip to us! How exciting! She mentioned that she had just come back from the town Rachel, where she drove up to the Area 51 gate. She told us that this gate wasn't too far from where we were, and recommended we check it out.

I've seen several videos on YouTube of people walking up to the Area 51 sign, some even stupid enough to cross the line and get arrested. We opted to make the drive to the gate, and see what would happen. We drove for a good 20 minutes down the only highway in the middle of the dessert. Off in the distance we noticed a trail of dust from a very fast moving vehicle leaving Groom Lake. We decided to off-road our car a little and follow the dirt road awhile. We eventually came to a road that led us right to the Area 51 warning sign. The sign read "weapons testing" site, with a huge warning. As we approached the sign, we saw the white truck on top of the hill, just like in the YouTube videos. The truck had turned around and was getting ready to approach us ... if we came any closer. This was intimidating enough for us to turn around and head back to Las Vegas.

Aside from the minor heart attack you get when you realize how close you are to getting arrested, the trek to Area 51 isn't really worth it. That is, unless you are wildly curious about the idea of alien existence. Even then, you won't see anything other than a white truck on top of the hill with heavily armed guards in it.

If you're looking for something fun to do in or around Las Vegas, head 2 hours south to Death Valley, and down into the Badwater Basin. This is a beautiful site to see, and a much better use of your time.

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