Friday, December 6, 2013

Road Trip: 10 Great Things to see in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state with many tourist attractions.

In today's blog, I figured we would share some of our top tourist destinations to enjoy while in Arizona.

If you have a car and are up for an afternoon or two of exploring, than this list is for you:

1. Antelope Canyon
This hits the top of our list of must see attractions in Arizona. This beautiful/natural canyon is located in Page, Arizona and is only accessible with a local tour group as it's on private native land. We did the lower canyon tour, and it's as stunningly beautiful as it looks in pictures.

It's also an affordable tourist attraction. We paid $35 each. They provide transportation out to the canyon on the back of a 4x4, along with a very knowledgeable guide that brings you around the canyon (in small groups), and helps you with taking professional photos of the canyon. 

2. The Grand Canyon

You can't come to Arizona without seeing the Grand Canyon at least once. We've sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon for several hours just taking in the scenery. It's a must see natural wonder. The Grand Canyon also offers some great hiking opportunities if you have some free time.

3. Sedona
If you're travelling to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, Sedona is a worthy detour on your way. It really only adds about an hours drive onto your trip, but the red rock canyon backdrop of Sedona is well worth the detour. I have to say, Sedona is probably my favourite place across North America.

4. Lake Havasu City
This is a beautiful little lake city that offers a ton of fun water sports, with year round sunshine. There is an amazing hike to Lake Havasu falls that's well worth checking out. It's on our bucket list of hikes to do (probably next summer).

5. London Bridge

This is an interesting story. In the 1967, a man named Robert P. McCulloch purchased the original London Bridge from England, and paid just under $7 million to have the bridge shipped and reassembled in Lake Havasu, Arizona.The London Bridge stands in the town of Lake Havasu City (beautiful city) and is a really cool little tourist attraction.

6. 4 Corners National Monument

If you're up for a little road trip, head north-east to the 4 Corners National Monument. This is the only place in America where 4 states actually touch. From Arizona, it's an interesting drive to the monument. There is a lot of open road, a great treat for those that love to road trip. This gives you lots of time to turn up the music and enjoy the scenery (or nap). You will pass through several small towns. Being an explorer, it's always interesting for me to learn how others live in different parts of the world. Once you make it to 4 Corners National Monument, you're free to hop from state to state with the circled landmark on the ground that marks where each state begins. This is a really cool and unique little day trip to experience.

7. Carefree, Arizona

This little town is located just north of Phoneix, and is home to the world's largest sundial ... but this isn't what brings most tourist to the area. Just down the street from the worlds largest sundial lies a phallic rock formation. You can clearly see what this natural rock formation resembles, and why it's a popular tourist attraction for many. It's actually quite funny to see up close.

8. Watch a Hockey game while in town
Being from Vancouver, the price of hockey tickets can be quite ridiculous at times. You really can't beat tickets for $18, and you're almost always guaranteed a good time at the game (and if not, you can always get drunk).

9. Amy's Baking Company

If you watch Kitchen Nightmares, you'll know the story behind this place. Last summer this was the hot new tourist attraction, bringing in many tourists from around America. While in Arizona a few months ago, we stopped in for an afternoon snack and got to meet the owners. It was interesting chatting with Amy and her husband about their side of the story. Amy can get really worked up about the topic still. It's probably it's still a touchy subject for her.

If you're not familiar with Kitchen Nightmares, than this is a great place to stop for a piece of cake and a cup of tea. 

10. Hobo Joe
This is an impressive roadside attraction that is quite popular with road trippers. The story behind this statue is that it stands where there was once a burger shack. The former owners had this statue made in 1988 in commemoration of his friend, who was a travelling hobo.

The statue now stands outside of a chicken factory, and is a little hard to find. Use Google maps street view to find it's exact location. It's located down a side street, and then down another side street (right on the corner, behind a large tree).

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