Friday, January 10, 2014

25 Things About Me: Road Trip Edition

In today's blog post, I figured I would share a little bit about me.

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada
Here are 25 random things about me; road trip edition.
  1. I've travelled through 48 American states in a car
  2. I once spent almost 3 weeks travelling across North America in a car
  3. We road tripped 19 states in 5 days. Very tired after that trip, but we saw a ton of iconic landmarks.
  4. I've hiked to the top of Mt St Helens (a dormant volcano in Washington state)
  5. I've trekked on a glacier
  6. I once drove 10 hours to said glacier for a 5 hour hike, followed by a 10 hour drive home. 
  7. I've shaved my legs in the sink of a truck stop just outside New York City
  8. I'm a huge fan of jump shots while travelling across North America
  9. I've travelled through 10 Canadian provinces
  10. I have a huge fear of tornado's, but am also extremely fascinated by them. I had nightmares for 3 weeks about tornadoes prior travelling through the mid-west. 
  11. While road tripping, we had to hide from a tornado ... in all places, Toronto, Ontario?
  12. I got drunk in Sedona, Arizona on St Patrick's day and got kicked out of one of the only bars in town
  13. Everytime we road trip, I always bring 10 lbs of spaghetti. It's become a staple of our trips
  14. I spend hours and hours on Google, Google images, and Google map planning the next big trip
  15. I never have an issue falling asleep in a car
  16. We take pictures of us at every new province and state sign.
  17. I road trip with my laptop so I can work while on the road
  18. While in Toronto, we had the opportunity to appear in the Much Music audience
  19. I've been spelunking in volcanic lava tubes - lots of fun!
  20. Of all places I've ever road tripped to, Sedona is my favourite place!
  21. The best Mexican food I've ever eaten was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've also had delicious Mexican food in Lake Havasu, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.
  22. I threw up outside the Grand Canyon once because of bad Mexican food (different trip).
  23. We did a road trip to White Castle a few years ago ... it wasn't very good.
  24. I've travelled all throughout Canada and America, but can't seem to get off this continent. It's much easier to get in a car and just drive ...
  25. We did a road trip to Disneyland, and drove back to Canada after. Amazing experience, but we were very tired.
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