Friday, November 1, 2013

Road Trip to Zion National Park - Angels Landing

We've rounded up the road trip crew again, this time on an amazing road trip/hiking adventure in Zion National Park.

Zion National Park is a popular tourist stop among hikers. With so much to offer, you literally need days to see and explore everything. While on our latest road trip, we only had 8 hours in the park, so we made the most of our time and opted to hike Angels Landing.

Park entrance fee: $25/vehicle 

Here is our road trip story:

We arrived in Zion National Park after spending the day in Arches National Park. Back-to-back hikes were not a well thought out idea, but we embraced the challenge of our hikes and had an amazing journey doing so.

We drove from Vancouver, BC with a cooler in our car, stocked full of nutritious hiking food. A mere 18 hour drive from our home, we never let distance stop us from exploring. After a short nap in the car, we started our hike around 8am. We generally prefer to start our hikes early in the am, before the afternoon sun gets too hot. The hike up Angels Landing is 3.9 kms (or 2.4 miles) and takes an average of 5 hours. We chose to sit up top for a while, taking in the beautiful views of the valley below.

The hike starts with a quick trek over the Virgin River, and you began climbing up switch backs leading to Angels Landing. The gradual ascent gave our legs the nice little workout they needed, after sitting in a car for nearly a day driving. Once you get past the steep switch backs, there is a little rest/landing area with a beautiful view of the road below. This is known as the turnaround area, as many choose to turn around and end their hike here. But this isn't even close to the top yet! 

This is about when one of our road trip members tried to give up the hike. We had to remind him how far we drove for such an extraordinary hike, and helped him continue on with the hike. The last km of the hike is spent hiking up to Scout's Lookout. This is where you get to hang on for dear life, and hope not to fall off the edge. The mountain has a chain systems that you can grip onto so you don't fall, but it's still a scary experience. There isn't much room between where you're standing and the edge of the cliff, and passing hikers makes it challenging as you try to get around them without falling.

If you're looking for an ultimate hiking adventure, and don't mind driving several hours to get there, Angles Landing surely won't disappoint you!

To understand the full experience of Angels Landing, we've included this fun hiking video from another fellow hiker that really shows what the trek is all about.

As always, please do leave your comment below. We would love to hear from you if you've hiked Angels Landing before.

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