Friday, November 15, 2013

Road Trip to Antelope Canyon

If you're heading down to Arizona, Antelope Canyon is well worth visiting.

Antelope Canyon is a popular destination for photographers, aspiring photographers and tourists because of it's natural beauty. When the light hits the canyon just right, the spiral rock arches glow a beautiful red/orange colour.

We stopped into Page, Arizona while on a road trip to Phoenix for a visit with the family. This was an amazing tour of the canyon. The guides are very knowledgeable, and always makes sure that everyone gets great pictures of them in the canyon. The tour lasts about an hour, and you get a fun 4x4 ride from town to the canyon, and back into town. The ride there is a little dusty from all the sand, but very beautiful.

This gorgeous canyon does come with a flash flood warning.

Tourists are warned to never enter the canyon after a flash flood, as the water rises quite high and moves very fast through the canyon, hence the canyons shape. You actually can't enter the canyon on your own, as it's on private Navajo land, and you can only enter with a permit.

We chose to take the tour with the company Antelope Canyon Tours, but there are several tour companies in town that offer the same thing. The upper canyon (non-photographer tour) costs $35 for the tour, and is worth every penny.

While touring the canyon, we learned that the National Geographic Channel came to the canyon a few years ago to do some research, and left a few cameras in the walls of the canyon hoping to capture some rare footage. The cameras were quickly swept away from a flash flood, and footage was never obtained of the flash flood. As of yet, the National Geographic Channel hasn't been back since to explore the canyon further.

Have you toured Antelope Canyon before? If so, leave your comment below and let us know how your travel experience was.

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