Friday, November 29, 2013

A Detour to Amy's Baking Company

You may remember this company from Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. After the show aired, Amy's Baking Co received a ton of viral negative press about their business ethics and the way they treat their employees. For months Amy's Baking Co was in the news. Even their grand re-opening was highly publicized. People flocked into Amy's Baking Co for weeks after the show aired, hoping to get a glimps of Amy yelling at one of her employees or customers.

While on a road trip through Arizona, we decided to stop into Amy's Baking Co. for an afternoon snack and see what it was really like inside the bakery.

The bakery itself was really nice, not very busy. Samy greeted us right away and let us pick out some deserts. The cakes were deliciously and beautifully decorated, a little too sweet for my liking though. 

After desert, we told Samy we were on  a road trip from Vancouver, Canada and wanted to see if we could meet Amy. He was more than happy to go ask her. Amy came out of the kitchen and chatted with us for a bit. She said they welcomed the PR attention as they seemed to be the tourist attraction of the summer, and had people from all over America coming in to say hi.

Our fellow road tripper asked Amy if she would yell at him, she just laughed and said no. You can tell the whole Kitchen Nightmare's thing still bothers her. When she mentioned it, she started to get really worked up and defensive about the whole situation, saying that the camera crew only showed "the best of the best footage," and said they will have their day soon to share their side of the story. I guess that means Amy's Baking Co might be in the news again in the near future, stay tuned.

In the meantime, Amy said that her and Samy are having fun with the negative PR, and now sell t-shirts that say "I survived Amy's Baking Company," and "Here's your pizza, go F**k yourself."

Have you been to Amy's Baking Co before? Leave your comment below. 

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