Friday, October 25, 2013

Road Trip to Arches National Park

We've recently been bitten by the travel bug and are ready for our next road trip adventure.

This time we've chosen to road trip to several national parks for some hikes. Unfortunately our well throughout hiking plans happened to come just on the heals of the government shut down of all national parks. We had to anxiously wait for the news that the parks would reopen, just days before we left for our trip.

Here is our road trip story:  

We left Vancouver last week around 5pm, and drove 12 hours to Arches National Park. This would get us to the park just in time for the sunrise, allowing us all day for adventurous exploring around the park. What a beautiful park! Each and every rock formation within the park had it's own uniqueness about it, and we had fun trying to make out what each rock formation resembled.

We originally drive up to the view point for the Delicate Arch, hoping to get a great view of the arch. This was a small 20 walk from the car. After which, we chose to do the 1.5 hour hike up to the arch itself, where we could sit under the arch and take pictures.

Hiking up to the arch

If you've never been to Arches National Park, I would highly recommend going. Seeing the arch up close was just beautiful. We spend several hours up around the arch landing, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. Note: It's common courtesy not to sit directly under the arch for too long or you'll end up in other tours pictures.

The drive to Arches National Park was long, but very beautiful. We drove through Salt Lake City (we've been before but it was still beautiful a 3rd time) down to Arches National Park. The red rock canyon aligning the road to Arches National Park was beautiful to experience, and there's nothing quite like it. These are the joys of road tripping that you can't experience in an airplane.

We spent so much time up at the Delicate Arch, that we didn't have time for the 2.5 hour hiking adventure to the other arches. We did get to drive around and see a few of them, along with the balance rock, before the sun began to set and we had to leave. Off to our next adventure, Angels Landing at Zion National Park.

Park entrance fee: $10/vehicle. 

Have you been to Arches National Park, or want to go? Leave your comment below, and let us know about your hiking adventure in Arches National Park.

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