Friday, September 6, 2013

A Mini Road Trip to Ape Caves

Mt St Helens has a special place in our heart, given that we hiked to the top of the dormant volcano a few years back. I was absolutely thrilled to learn that we could cave crawl in the Mt St Helens lava tubes, and had to go exploring.

We seem to be on a roll this past summer with weekend trips, so off we went to explore Ape Caves. The idea of crawling in caves underground that once held flowing lava was a little daunting, but we`ve been cave crawled in California before, and everything was fine. We chose to do part of the lower cave, then move on to the less crowded upper cave (where there were no kids). We were quite surprised to see how busy it was there this past weekend, I guess it`s a popular family destination.

Be warned, if you go on a weekend, it`s really busy! The parking lot was nearly full when we got there, and there were people everywhere.

There is a parking fee, but it`s only $5. 

The caves are open year round, but the surrounding area does get quite a bit of snow in the winter time. The Ape Caves website is full of helpful information, and tidbits about the caves. Click here to learn more about the caves.

After exploring the caves, we chose to head down to the Columbia Gorge to check out the Multnomah Falls, but this was another really busy family destination. Bad timing I guess.

One the way home from Ape Caves, we chose to stop at the Seattle Space Needle. As many times as I`ve been to Seattle, I`ve never actually seen the space needle up close. We paid our $18 and off we went to the top of the space needle. In less than 3 minutes we were extremely disappointed that we wasted $18 dollars on this. I can`t really explain what it was about the space needle that was a huge disappointment for us, it was the whole experience in general. Maybe because I`m not 12 years old. I mean the view from the top of the space needle was nice, but there was really nothing to the whole experience. We did learn a few cool things about the marine life around Seattle, and enjoyed the views of the city from the top, it`s just not an attraction we would recommend.

Have you been to Ape Caves or the Seattle Space Needle before? Leave your comment below and let us know your experience.

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