Friday, July 1, 2011

Road Tripping the Midwest

The road trip crew is at it again, this time travelling the American mid-west.

We've decided this time to make our way east to explore Yellowstone National Park and several other attractions in the American mid-west.

On our latest road trip, we covered 19 states in 5 days and saw some amazing things. This trip was a little too crammed for our liking, but we got a lot accomplished during this trip. We started off our trip in Vancouver, BC (as we always do) and made our way down through the snow covered Rockey Mountains of Wyoming, down to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park is home to a large variety of wildlife, including Bison which are often seen crossing the roads of the National Park. We had the opportunity to position our car in front of some oncoming Bison, and had them walk right up to our car. It was a very cool experience. There are so many beautiful things to experience while in Yellowstone National Park, some amazing geysers to see, and of course Old Faithful.

Our road trip continued from Yellowstone National Park on to Mt Rushmore. We arrived at 5 am and slept in our car for a few hours. When we woke up in the morning we noticed it was snowing at Mt Rushmore and the fog was quite thick. When we finally got up to the viewing platform we were only able to see two of the four heads. Although the view was not very spectacular, it was still amazing to be at Mt Rushmore. I was even more amazed that it was snowing in May.

From Mt Rushmore we continued down to Deadwood (beautiful city), South Dakota and on to Sioux Falls (I love the falls). If you have never visited Falls Park in Sioux Falls, I would highly recommend it. The park is a beautiful waterfall that flows through the center of the town.

From there we continued down through Nebraska, Kansas (with my red sparkly shoes on), down to Missouri for some White Castle and a quick visit at the St Louis Arch, Kentucky and finally down to Tennessee. We traveled through Tennessee only a few short weeks after the mass flooding began and were absolutely amazed with how much water was still located in the front and back lawns of peoples homes. We were actually able to see water marks on the front of peoples houses where the water line once was. We also saw large piles of furniture and other personal items piled up on front lawns being burned and disposed of.

We finally made our way down to Memphis, grabbed a few pull pork sandwiches, and purchased some bbq sauce and spice rubs before heading down through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. While in Texas we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch and spray painted all of the cars. I must say the Cadillac Ranch was a lot of fun. For those of you who don't know, the Cadillac Ranch is a ranch just outside Amarillo, Texas that has 8 cars barried in the ground and people are encouraged to come down and spray paint what ever they want on the cars.

From there we moved onto New Mexico and Arizona for another quick visit at the Grand Canyon. We made our way up to the north rim of the Grand Canyon on our way home. We passed through Salt Lake city and our final stop at Shoshone Falls in Idaho before heading home. Overall it was an amazing trip and there are so many amazing things to experience while traveling across North America.

Some interesting stats for you:
- Our first road trip was across Canada two summers ago. We drop over 18,000 kms in just under 18 days.
- During this recent road trip, we drove through 19 states in 5 days and covered just over10,000 kms.

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