Friday, June 10, 2011

Road Trip to White Castle

Being a huge road trip fan, we of course couldn’t go on one of our fabulous road trips without stopping into a White Castle location at least once. We’re from the west coast, so we had to travel quite far before we found a White Castle location.

I’ve actually never heard of White Castle before the Harold and Kumar movie came out about road tripping to White Castle. We figured this would be a perfect opportunity to see what the fuss was all about.

Our road trip started in Vancouver, BC. After a few short stops in Yellowstone National Park and Mt Rushmore, we finally made it to one of the White Castle locations in St Louis around 8am our time (10am local time). It was still quite early for us to be eating hamburgers, but since we road tripped so far we had to give them a try. The hamburgers we so delicious, yet so tiny, we could have eaten 5 or 6 of them. The satisfaction of finally finding the White Castle location, plus the delicious burgers themselves, made the trip worth doing.

There aren’t many people I know from the west coast that can say they’ve road tripped to a White Castle before, so this is a fun little things to add to our list of road trip accomplishments.

I love that White Castle actually embraces the idea of road tripping to one of their locations. They even have a section for it on their website (smart marketing idea). If you Google “White Castle road trip,” aside from links about the movie, White Castle also has a link on their website for road trippers to find a location near their trip destinations.

Our attempt to bring a White Castle burger back to Canada for one of our friends failed after it got soggy in the cooler … at least we tried.

Have you road trip to White Castle before? Leave your comment below, and share your travel story with us.

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