Friday, August 13, 2010

What's In My Car: Road Trip Edition

Packing for a road trip can be a challenging task, especially when you travel with several girls who've never learned how to pack light. If you've ever road tripped in a car for an extensive amount of time, you can probably relate to this post.

Here are some things you'll find in our car while road tripping:

1. 10 lbs of spaghetti

This has become a staple of our road trips. Eating at restaurants and fast food places can become quite costly, so we always make a large pot of spaghetti for our trips.

2. Mismatched flip flops

I'm not sure how this always seems to happen. I generally travel with several pairs of flip flops, so I have colours to choose from while travelling. Within a few days, I can never seem to find a matching set of flip flops. It baffles me how this happens on every road trip!

3. A map (but god knows where that ends up)

Like many things in our car, our map seems to pull a disappearing act within days of our trip. We have evolved our road trip style to include a GPS (after getting lost on the east coast of Canada several times). Maps are a great thing to have on hand for those times you hit a dead zones and are unable to acquire a GPS signal.

4. Dish soap

We generally travel with enough food to last us through our first week of our road trip. We also bring bowls, cups and silverware for making and eating our food. This of course requires washing our dishes in random sinks or along the side of the road. A little bottle of dish soap can be quite handy while road tripping.

5. A mountain of blankets

Being that we generally sleep/nap in our car while travelling, we always bring blankets and pillows on our road trips. This also works really well if you're not the one driving, and get to nap on a mountain of blankets and pillows. 

6. My Laptop

I always travel with my laptop. This is so I can continue to work as a freelance writer and social media marketer while on the road. It also comes in handy for staying connected on Facebook, checking in with the parents so they don't worry, and emptying the camera if the memory stick gets full before we get home. It's also great for looking up or booking last minute travel detours. On a recent trip, we stopped in a visitor centre just outside New York City to use their free wifi and book tickets for the Statue of Liberty tour.

7. A cooler 

We always travel with a cooler to store food in. It does take up a lot of room in our car, but saves us a ton of fast food and restaurant costs. 

8. Cereal

This is a great/quick breakfast food that is relatively cheap and easy to eat while travelling.

What kind of fun things can we find in your car while travelling? Leave your comment below and let us know what you can't travel without.


You can find our full Road Trip Planner here.


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  1. Great list! I also have most of these things in my car when I'm taking a road trip. One thing not mentioned on your list. CDs and books!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jessica. We used to travel with CDs, but now just have our phones bluetoothed to the car :) so we have music that way. I'm not a big book person, but my road trip friend always travels with a book to help with downtime.