Friday, July 16, 2010

This One Time I Rode a Mule in the Grand Canyon

We've had a lot of friends and fans asking us about our mule tour in the Grand Canyon this past spring. So I figured I would share our experience in today's blog post.

While looking up things to do in the Grand Canyon, I came across the mule tours website, talking about how you can do a mule tour along the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We figured this would be a fun/unique way to experience the Grand Canyon, being that it was our first time going there. We generally like to find fun, off-beat attractions that not many other people experience. This gives us a unique perspective on life.

The mule tour was around $200 CDN with taxes, but being that it was my birthday weekend, we figured we would splurge and do the tour.

We had actually spent the night before in Sedona, Arizona celebrating St Patrick's day with some locals. The morning of our tour, we left town around 5am, heading for the Grand Canyon. We arrived at the Bright Angel Lodge in time to check into and fill out the necessary paperwork before heading over to the mule barn.

Oddly enough, our perception of the Grand Canyon before this trip was that it was really hot there. We really weren't expecting to find snow on the ground.

Off we went on our mules, headed for the south west part of the Grand Canyon. We spent a good half hour trekking through the forest with a group of about 20 people and 3 real life cowboys guiding the way! Once we reached our break point, we were able to get off the mules and explore the rim of the Grand Canyon a bit before taking off again. We had a really cool conversation with some of the cowboys about their experiences living as cowboys in 2012, and how it's really a different kind of life that most are used to.

The entire tour was about 2 hours, and we were left with a leather water bag (a real old school looking bag), given to us during our tour as a souvenir of our trip. On the way up to the Grand Canyon we had also learned we needed hats in order to go on our tour, to prevent sunstroke. None of us brought hats with us, so we stopped at one of the only gas stations before the Grand Canyon. Our only options were child sized cowboy hats that said Grand Canyon on them. We looked quite silly in them, so of course we had to buy them. Between the hats and the old school water bag, we were looking quite stylish.

I can't recall the name of the mule tour that we did, but I know there is also an overnight tour that you can do, down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up the next day, but that tour was too expensive for us. The 2 hour mule tour was enough excitement for us, it also left us a few hours of exploring the Grand Canyon before we had to head off to Las Vegas for the evening.

Have you done the mule tour in the Grand Canyon before? Leave your comment below and share with us your mule ride experience.

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