Friday, June 4, 2010

Small Towns in America

Following last weeks blog posts, about Lost Springs in Wyoming with a population of 4, we continue our small town focus by spotlighting towns with minimal population.

It was surprising for me to learn of a town in America with a population of 4. After a short Google search, I've stumbled across several other towns in America with a small population. It's a funny notion for me to think that while road tripping through these small towns, we could double their population.

Here is a list of 5 small towns in America with minimal population:

Buford, Wyoming

With a population of just 1 person, this town is a popular tourist attraction. It's also known as America's smallest town.

Monowi, Nebraska

Monowi is another small town in America with just 1 person listed as a resident. Not only is Elsie Eiler the only resident of this small town, she is also the towns mayor.

Gross, Nebraska

Mike and Mary Finnegan are the only 2 residents of this small town. They own the Nebraska Inn and spend their days entertaining tourists who pass through their town.

Lost Springs, Wyoming

 Lost Springs is another small town in America with only 4 residents.

Freeport, Kansas

With a population of just 5 people, Freeport is the smallest incorporated city in the state of Kansas, and one of the smallest cities in America.

This is one of our favourite things about road tripping, exploring the different towns and cities in North America, while also learning interesting facts like there being a town with a population of just 1. Lost Springs is the only town on this list that we've road tripped through, but the next time we're road tripping the midwest, we'll be sure to stop into one of these towns just to double the population for a few short mintes.

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