Friday, June 11, 2010

Bungee Jumping in Whistler

I have to say that bungee jumping is probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done!

Imagine standing on the edge of the bridge and willingly forcing yourself to jump off the bridge, while also hoping that this bungee cord holds. Imaging free-falling over a rushing waterfall and hoping you don’t smash your head on one of the rocks below.

This past weekend I let the craziness get the best of me. I rounded up a few friends and headed up to Whistler for an afternoon bungee jumping experience. There really is no place around Vancouver to bungee jump other than Whistler, so we did the scenic 2 hour drive up to Brandywine falls for our jump. We were pretty sure we were going to pee ourselves during our jump, so we made sure not to eat or drink anything before our jump.

I have to say, bungee jumping really isn't as bad as it sounds. The adrenalin rush you get after doing the jump is well worth the 2 hour drive, and the fear of peeing yourself.

The tour operators up at Whistler Bungee were pretty awesome, and in great spirit with us given how scared we were. I had asked one of them to push me off the bridge as I was having a hard time jumping on my own free will. After a ton of encouragement and many countdowns, I finally made the jump off the bridge.

If you’re ever wondering what runs through someone’s head as they are free-falling from a bridge, I’m pretty sure it’s something like “oh s*%t, what was I thinking.” As I said before, it really wasn't as scary as I had originally though it would be. The worst part of the jump really wasn't the falling part, but the bungee bounce half way back up to the bridge. Falling "up" is a really weird experience, and while that's happening, you quickly realize that what follows falling "up" is falling back down again. After several large bounces on the bungee cord, you eventually stop moving. Once that happens, they pull you back up to the bridge. One of my girlfriends was quite fearful of the whole experience, so the tour operators had a little fun with her, and right before the bridge, they stopped pulling her up and jokingly told her the pulley system was broken and she would have to hang out there for a few minutes while they looked at it. Unfortunately, she didn't find it funny, and burst into tears. They felt really bad and pulled her up right away. After several hugs, and many pictures later, we were on our way back to the lower mainland.

Bungee jumping was a lot more fun than we had originally expected, and I can safely say that I think we will go back for another round one day. Have you been bungee jumping before? Leave your comment below and let us know your experience.

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