Friday, May 28, 2010

Road Tripping Through Lost Springs, Wyoming - Population 4

We've been busy the past few weeks road tripping the midwest in America. Our latest road trip adventure took us through Yellowstone National Park. Given that it's still early spring, and many of the roads around Yellowstone are still closed due to snow, we had to venture off course a bit to continue on with our journey. Our next stop was Mt Rushmore in South Dakota, and the road heading east from Yellowstone was closed, so we had to head south past Grand Teton National Park, and down through Jackson, Wyoming.

We eventually found ourselves venturing through the town of Lost Springs, Wyoming. To our surprise, the welcome sign leading into the town reads "population 4." Given the location of this town, I'm really not surprised, but it was still quite surprising to see.

According to Wikipedia, the 2000 census listed the population as 1, but the population has more than doubled since the last census in 2010.

Photo source: Wikipedia 2007

What sort of interesting road trip facts have you come across while travelling? Leave your comment below, and share your story with us.

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