Friday, April 9, 2010

Car Troubles While Road Tripping

I wanted to share with you our recent experience with car troubles while road tripping through California and Arizona last month.

It's inevitable, cars break down. The last thing anyone wants is to have mechanical issues while travelling so far from home.

Our recent car troubles really helped restore our faith in humanity, and helped show us that there still are good people out there!

While travelling home from California, we chose do to a detour through the Redwood forest to look for that famous tree that you can drive through. About an hour into our forest drive, we started hearing a grinding noise. Hoping it was nothing, we chose to ignore it and continued on our way.  20 minutes down the road, it started to get worse. When we pulled over and looked under our car, there was a huge bolt sticking out. This bolt looked like it was suppose to hold our front drivers side tire to the car. I was able to screw the bolt back into the frame of the car, but we didn't feel safe driving any further for fear it might come out again.

It was about 5am on a Sunday morning, we drove 20 minutes back to this little town we had just past hoping to find help. We were able to find a mechanic shop right in town, but the sign read "Closed on Sunday." Unsure of what to do at this point, we slept in our car outside the nearby gas station hoping someone we could by that we could ask for help.

Sure enough, a mechanic pulled up to the gas station on his day off for some coffee and smokes. We noticed his work truck and explained our situation to him. "We're from Canada, our car is broken and all we can offer you is some old spaghetti (road trip blogger inside joke)." This good samaritan offered to fix our car for us :)

In no time, he had the bolt welded and reinforced back onto the frame of our car and off we went. We were able to pool the last bit of cash that we had on us to pay him for his time.

Have you experienced car troubles while road tripping? Leave your comment below and share your story with us!

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