Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dreaming of a Road Trip across Canada

This past summer, my road trip friend and I packed up her car and set off for our first ever big road trip across Canada.

This has always been a dream of ours to road trip across the country, and experience a little something in each province. Full of possibilities and excitement, off we went on our road trip adventure.

Here are some details about our trip:

We chose to travel across Canada in a car, with no hotels (to save money). We left from Vancouver and ventured to the West Edmonton Mall as our first stop. Unfortunately we missed some amazing attractions like Lake Louise (this was due to bad planning).

Day 2: we explored the mall, did some bungee jumping in the water park, visited with some friends, then opted to continue on with our journey.

Day 3: we slept outside a zoo in Saskatoon, waiting for it to open. The zoo was closed that day due to rain, so we made our way to Winnipeg. We spent the evening exploring downtown Winnipeg. RBC and Hudson Bay were cool buildings to see. We planned to do a historic walking tour the following morning, but chose to move on with our travels and not spend the night in Winnipeg.

Day 4: we made it to Kakabeka falls in the morning, beautiful falls. From there we stopped in Pancake bay (just because the name was funny), then moved on to Thunder Oak Cheese Farm for a cheese tour, did some horse back riding in Thunder Bay, and slept in a forest in Dorion, ON waiting for the canyon gates to open.

Day 5: we spent the day exploring Eagle Canyon Adventures. Beautiful canyon with Canada`s longest suspension bridge. Being from Vancouver, I`ve been to the Capilano suspension bridge and it was nothing like Eagle Canyon Adventures. From there we moved on to Niagara Falls.

Day 6: we drove 16 hours straight, trying to make it to Niagara falls at night so we could see the lights behind the falls. We eventually made it to the falls just as the sun was coming up. We got to enjoy the beautiful sunrise above the falls. From there we made our way to my cousins house outside Toronto. They were nice enough to let us stay there for a night or two.

Day 7: Friday morning we ventured downtown. We made our way around the busy Toronto streets, and eventually made our way to Much Music, where we were fortunate enough to be in the audience for Much on Demand :) On the way back to my cousins house we had to hide from a small tornado.

Day 8: This was our rest day. We spent the day at Canada`s Wonderland

Day 9: Off to Montreal for a nice visit with family. We rented bixies in downtown Laval and explored the town on bikes. Best way to see a busy town with lots of traffic. Montreal has such a great set up with the bixie stations everywhere. We explored McGill campus, old downtown, and enjoyed lunch in the park.

Day 10: relax day in Montreal. When you travel crazy like we do, having rest days is great, but it leaves you in a lazy state and unmotivated to move on. I wouldn`t recommend having to much of a rest when there is so much more to explore.

Day 11: Off to the east coast via Quebec City, beautiful old historic buildings. Some buildings even had date stamps on them, dating back over 400 years! We made our way through New Brunswick and on to Halifax.

Day 12: We explored a random geyser in New Brunswick thanks to a road side directing us there, and eventually made our way to Peggy`s Cove. This was a really cool attraction to cross off our list of things to see. Downtown Halifax was also beautiful. We explored a free museum that we came across downtown, and off we went for the states.

Have you travelled across Canada before? Leave your comment below and let us know what your favourite attraction or town was.

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